lunes, 16 de marzo de 2009

Where have all the cowboys gone - Paula Cole

Una de esas canciones que llevan años (unos...mmm..11) rondándome por la cabeza cada cierto tiempo.

Oh you get me ready in your '56 Chevy
Why don't we go sit down in the shade?
Take shelter on my front porch, watch
The dandelion sun scorched
Would you like a glass of cold lemonade?

I will do the laundry if you
pay all the bills...

Where is my John Wayne?
Where is my prairie son?
Where is my happy ending?
Where have all the cowboys gone?

Why don't you stay the evening,
Kick back and watch the TV?
And I'll fix us a little something to eat.
Oh I know your back hurts from
the working on the tractor,
how d'you take you coffee my

I will raise the children if
you pay all the bills

I am wearing my new dress tonight
But you don't even merch,
But you don't even notice me
Saying our goodbyes (x 3)

We finally sold the Chevy
When we had another baby
And you took the job in Tennessee
You met friends at the farm and
You joined them at the bar
Almost every single day of the week

I will wash the dishes while
you go have a beer...

Where is my Marlboro Man?
Where is his shiny gun?
Where is my Lonely Ranger?
Where have all the cowboys gone?

Yippee yaw, yippee yeah
Yippee yaw, yippee yeah,
Yippee yaw, yippee yeah,
oh yippee yeah!

2 comentarios:

*GEORGINA* dijo...

muy bonita...

saludos de Georgina.

mundosub dijo...

Muy buena canción. Sin duda la que le lanzó al éxito, aunque aún mejor puede ser "I don't wanna wait" pero siempre es bueno recordar sus canciones.